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“Salt industry in Bangladesh: Problems and prospects”

Date of Submission: 12 July 2011.

Letter of submission

12 July 2011.

Mr. Anupam Kumar Das


Department of Management Studies

University of Chittagong


Subject: Appeal to Accept Term Paper.


With due respect and humble submission I beg to state that I have completed my Term Paper on “Salt industry in Bangladesh: Problems and prospects”. I am appealing here to your kindness to accept my term Paper Report.

I have tried my best to gain practical experience and also tried to reflect the same in report with my limited scope and knowledge. I wish your hearty consideration, if there is any deviation in my report.

Therefore, I will remain ever great full to you if you accept my Term Paper Report.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


(Md.Ruhul Amin Mollah)

BBA (4th Year)

Class Roll: 4984

Exam Roll: 2006/06

Session: 2005-2006

Dept of Management Studies

University of Chittagong


Term Paper is a scope for acquiring substantial knowledge after perfecting of academic classes. In order to acquire perfect education a student must have practical knowledge along with syllabus-oriented education. Practical education is the part of the curricula of the Business education. So before joining in the substantial field we need to acquire knowledge about the real environment. Accordingly so, the authority of Chittagong University provides an opportunity of preparing term paper, which is a part & parcel of B.B.A. curriculum. The course is designed with excellent combination of theoretical & practical aspects to provide an opportunity to the student on the job exposure.

Like every year, as a B.B.A. student I get the opportunity to accomplish term paper on “Salt industry in Bangladesh: Problems and prospects”.

At the time of preparing the report, I tried my level best to make the report meaningful. Yet there may be...