How to Organise an Event Guide

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“Most of Us Don’t Plan to Fail – We Fail to Plan”

This event management tool, prepared by Porirua City Council, for individuals and groups organising an event in Porirua City. It is a general guide only and should be developed further to suit your specific event. Organisation Structure Timing Venue Marketing & Communication Printing & Stationery Catering Equipment Accommodation Transport / Travel Entertainment Finances / budget Security / Site control Sponsorship Post-event

If you’re planning an event in the Porirua City region, don’t forget to register it with the Porirua City Event Database. For further advice and assistance regarding event planning within Porirua City, contact the Events Co-ordinator, Porirua City Council on (04) 237 4538 or email

“Best wishes for an enjoyable and successful event from Porirua City Council”.

Event Organisation Checklist



“Who Carries The Can?”

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Have you considered how many people you require on your organising committee? Chairperson? Committee members – who is responsible for what? − Have you delegated responsibility and authority? − Have you considered sub-committees? − Venue − Budget/Finance − Catering − Transport / Travel − Publicity/Marketing − Entertainment / Social Activities (Hosting requirements) − Set-up and clean up − Sponsor liaison Put in place a planning Timetable (ie. tasks 12-6 months ahead, up to one week prior) Have you appointed one person to make all press releases? Consider appointing a co-ordinator either on a volunteer or paid basis. The Event Database, administered by the Events Co-ordinator at the Porirua City Council, can assist you with details of professional organising services required to do all or part of your event for you.


“Get Your Timing Right – Success Follows”

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What day of the week best suits for your event? Set your date(s) with second and...