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Appendix D

Media and Government

After reading the articles about air quality at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, answer the questions in the chart with complete sentences.

|According to Each Article |American Source |Chinese Source |

| |Vehicles, industries, cooking food, |Chemical factories, vehicles, and deficiency |

|What is the cause of the poor air quality? |planes, and trains. Weather can also |of adequate vegetation planted. |

| |increase the issues. | |

| |Enhancing public transportation to |Shougang steel group has been shifted away |

|What steps is the Chinese government taking |fewer cars; car-pooling and more |from Beijing. A chemical factory has been |

|to improve the air quality? |renewable energy. Polluting plants |closed down and more trees are being forested.|

| |have been shifted. | |

| |This has been slightly effective. We |Beijing has gotten a little cleaner each year.|

|How effective have these steps been? |are nowhere near to cleaning things | |

| |up. | |

| | |The article is straight forward and it gives |

|What is the stance (attitude and tone) of the|They have realized that poor air |the reader much awareness that Beijing it at |

|article? Give examples to support your...