Active Directory

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Active Directory Implementation Plan

This plan is in regards to increasing efficiency of Riordan’s directory services and simplifying the way administrators can manage the organizational structure of the current information system in place. Therefore, I am recommending the implementation of an active directory within the organization. The following will provide a list of benefits that will help streamline the information system if a powerful and flexible manner with a base diagram indicating and a detailed diagram of the active directory diagram.

Active Directory

An Active Directory is designed to take on many different roles within an organization. It is often used to replace specialized or disconnected directories in favor of managing the Windows network from centralized location and maintaining security. This includes the authentication and authorizing of all users and computers through login names, passwords, maintaining security policies, installing and updating software for networked computers (Microsoft, 2011).

Active Directory Benefits

There are numerous advantages to implementing an active directory within Riordan’s infrastructure. An active directory can give the network administrator more control over group policies, customer satisfaction can be attained through reduced downtime, quick access to frequently used applications and installation of new applications. The cost of help desk support can be minimized and the workload of personnel through the use of a centralized location for password resets and lockouts and automating routine tasks. Data recovery and Security can be enhanced, due to the amount of capability the administrator has with preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data from various users, enforcing standardization on desktops and servers for prevention of broken web links and application incompatibility and the ability to control data backup and recovery of lost data through group policy (Microsoft, 2011).

Active Directory...