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There are several reasons why I decided to return to school.  It would be suffice to say that one reason in particular is that I felt like I needed a new beginning. Being a single parent, I have the responsibility to make my family my highest priority.  In order for me to achieve my goals, I need to know what drives me to success. This is the exact thing that brought me to the decision to go back to school.  I want to achieve success as a student as well as an employee. I am determined to be the proud example that my children deserve to have. I realized when I made the decision to return to school that it would not be an easy one. It is both mentally and physically challenging for me to accomplish this task. I realize that hard work is required in order to be successful in everything that we do. Nothing worth having has ever come easy in life. I am determined to finish school and be successful while doing it.

            My seventeen year old son, Travion Harmon, inspired me to return to school.  He takes his education very seriously and he tries very hard to earn high grades on all of his school work. I watch how he takes his education seriously and how he tries his hardest on his school work.  I wanted to change my life and be a positive role model for my kids.  I knew that with me returning to school I would have many obstacles and setbacks that I had to deal with.  Again I was left procrastinating about what I should do.  At the time I was having financial problems and trying to raise my kids at the same time.  I had to remember to be patient and make it my goal to further my education.  Like before, there were people that wanted to see me fail again, so they tried to bring me down.  The first time I was not a good decision maker, and I let others make my decisions for me.  When it was time for me to study, I would put it aside and go out and party forgetting all about my education.  I didn’t realize how important it was to study until now.  My son always...