Supporting the Hypothesis

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Supporting the Hypothesis


The Learning Team addressed Century National Bank and the possibility of the banks potential to earn revenue through a reduction in the interest earning accounts regulations and requirements. This week the calculations of the data collected from the data set samples of service and interest for Century National Bank will be the determining factor of the hypothesis. The independent clause is if the required services on interest earning accounts reduce and the dependent clause is the quantity of interest earning accounts will increase, thus leading to an increase in the bank’s revenue. The information gathered from the articles and data provide supporting details or not supporting details toward the hypothesis. The articles used discuss facts about high yield interest earning accounts, concerns about minimum required balance requirements and fees on accounts. Another articles used explained the research by Lin,

and the relation between the customer’s expectations and perceptions of the quality of service prior to and post purchase and how it affects the banks. Research from 60 accounts provide results of the customers who have interest earning accounts, the services used, and how many people use the services. Charts demonstrate a clearer understanding of the data collected. Ethical concerns are important when a company changes policies. Changes should retain the customers’ loyalty and trust as the company progresses toward success. Deducing the provided data set and focusing on the independent and dependent clauses of the assignment will determine whether requirements and regulations needed to maintain an interest earning account affect the banks inability to draw revenue from services and interest offered to customers.

Supporting the Hypothesis

Learning Team “C” hypothesis is: If the required services on interest earning accounts reduce; the quantity of interest earning accounts will increase, thus leading to an...