Case 4 Business Ethics

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Module 4 Case Assignment

Case Number: Business Ethics

Should disabled veterans get preferential treatment over better qualified candidates who are not disabled veterans? This is the question I’ll be covering in this paper.

I am going to show how disabled veterans receiving preferential treatment are similar to Affirmative Action for women and minorities, but I will show the contrasting differences between the two. Let’s start off with affirmative action.

Quoting the American Association for Affirmative Action, affirmative action’s definition is “Affirmative Action refers to positive steps aimed at increasing the inclusion of historically excluded groups in employment, education and business. Such steps are not designed to offer preferential treatment to, or exclude from participation, any group. To the contrary, Affirmative Action policies are intended to promote access for the traditionally underrepresented through heightened outreach and efforts at inclusion.” The programs are designed to help bring diversity and help those who normally wouldn’t be able to compete for the position in question, whether it is for a job, a contract or a slot in college. There are college grants and scholarships in place that are offered to only certain races and genders, hoping to bring the diversity to the education system, Some affirmative action programs are set up to aid a certain quota of race to enter a certain job at a company, or ensures that a certain minority has representation in competing for job contracts. By having these programs in place, it helps smaller minority businesses compete and succeed against larger not minority owned businesses. All of these programs are in place to help those that have less, get more. It is in place to help them succeed and overcome obstacles in their way. These programs however, are given automatically based race, gender, religion, whatever the case. This is where the difference comes into play between...