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The things that I have learned about race and ethnicity in the United States and how it relates to

specific minority groups is that they have had to face many struggles and challenges when coming to the

United States. All the minority groups that we have studied have had to overcome many challenges that

have crossed their path. What I have also learned is they have shown real courage and will not back

down to any current or future challenges that may come their way. In addition, each minority group we

have learned about has different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

After reading about many different ethnic groups yes I have learned something new about my own

culture which is African American. I have learned that millions of African American were taken to a

place called the New World Slave Plantation by the slave trade and was one the biggest forced

migrations in history.

I believe tends in immigration will grow, shape and expand in the United States. I believe there will

be more immigrants in the United States in the year 2050 then there is today. Every day there are

people finding ways to beat the system and immigrate to the United States. Even though the year 2050

is far away I do not expect thing to stay the same. In the year 2050 immigration will be a major problem

and new laws pertaining immigration will be made.

The best way the United States can help in the changing of race and ethnicity is by becoming aware of

the current problems that minority groups face and look for ways to improve the problem. It would be

a good idea if the United States could create a class in the schools that would teach students about

different cultures that are present in the United States already. This can help students identify with

other cultures and make the future of the United States a place to live and keep stereotypes at a