Identification Technology Scan

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Technology Scan

Our plan for Just Relax Inc. requires the implementation of several new technologies to the resort. To recommend the best technologies for the resort, we must scan the marketplace and analyze all the technology that is available to us.



* RFID tags are very durable and can work in harsh temperatures and environments.

* RFID tags are available in numerous sizes, shapes, types, and materials.

* The information on an RFID tag is read only and cannot be altered or duplicated.

* Many RFID tags can be read at the same time.

* An RFID reader would require no labour to operate.

* RFID can track and identify completely unique items.

* The storage capacity of an RFID tag is much larger than many identification technologies.


* An RFID system comes at a very high cost, the more specifically designed the system becomes the higher the cost.

* The size and weight of an RFID tag is much larger than that of a barcode.

* Signals from certain RFID tags can be compromised when they come in contact with certain metals and liquids.

* Damaged RFID tags cannot be tracked.



* Relatively cheaper than RFID technology.

* Barcodes are much smaller and lighter than RFID tags.

* Damaged barcode tags can easily be replaced.

* With little investment, barcodes can be made weather proof.



* Less comprehensive than RFID technology.

* Barcodes can only be read from a very short distance.

* Barcode reading is much slower than RFID technology because it requires a direct line of sight.

* Barcodes are subject to much greater wear and tear because it must be placed on the outside of the item.

* Usually requires human intervention to read the data. i.e. a labourer to operate the barcode scanner.

* Barcodes lack the read and write function of RFID tags.

Barcode Scanners

Wand Barcode Scanners

Wand barcode scanners must be swiped over the barcode at a...