Good News & Bad the Media, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

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Good News & Bad The Media, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

SustainAbility United Nations Ketchum Environment Programme

Contents Executive Summary Forewords 1.0 Introduction 2.0 World Regions European Union United States Latin America Asia 3.0 Big Issues Globalization Ozone Depletion Climate Change Environmental Health Endocrine Disruptors Genetically Modified Foods Business Corporate Social Responsibility Socially Responsible Investment The Activists 4.0 The Media Moguls 5.0 Gordian Sections Audiences Technology Services Accountability 6.0 Breakdown or Breakthrough? SustainAbility Publications Publication Details Acknowledgements Engaging Stakeholders Sponsors

Interviewees Katherine Ainger, Editor, New Internationalist, UK Frank Allen, Founder, Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources, USA Adlai Amor, Media Relations Director, World Resources Institute, USA Nicki Amos, Head of Business Ethics, The Body Shop International, UK Irwin Arieff, Journalist, Reuters, UK Robert Bisset, Press Officer for Europe, UNEP, France Frances Cairncross, Management Editor, The Economist, UK Joe Champ PhD, Center for Environmental Journalism, Colorado University, USA Rachel Coen, Information Co-ordinator, FAIR, USA Meghan Connolly, Director, CSR Wire, USA Leslie Cormier, Communications Director, DuPont, USA Roger Cowe, Freelance Journalist, Financial Times, The Guardian, UK Chris de Cardy, Executive Director, Environmental Media Services, USA Jamie Donald, Assignment Editor, BBC News, UK Peter Eisler, Journalist, USA Today, USA Pete Engardio, Journalist, Business Week, US Bill Eyres, Head of Communications, The Body Shop International, UK David Fenton, Founder and Director, Fenton Communications, USA Svenja Geissmar, Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, MTV Networks, UK Ross Gelbspan, Freelance Journalist, The Boston Globe and others, USA Paul Gilding, Chair, Ecos Corporation, Australia Peter C. Goldmark, Jr., Chairman and CEO, The...