American Government

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To avoid giving any one person or group absolute control in government, to solve these problems three separate branches was created each with its own distinct powers. Governmental power and functions in the United States rest in these branches and they are Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Article 1 of The Constitution defines the legislative branch and vest powers to legislate in the Congress of the US the executive powers of the President are defined in Article 2. Article 3 places judicial powers in the hands of one Supreme Court and inferior courts as Congress see necessary to establish.

Powers extended to Federal Government

The federal government makes decisions concerning broad national issues, such as foreign and military affairs and interstate commerce, although the constitution doesn’t mention city government or other forms of local government, many exit within the political system they include cities, counties, villages, towns, and townships, and special purpose government, such as school districts. Two basic types of power to the federal government are, delegated powers found in Article 1 Section 8, of the constitution. In domestic matters the most important of these are the authority to tax and spend and the power to regulate interstate commerce. The taxing authority used by Congress to obtain and regulate revenue and certain types of behaviors, the federal tax on tobacco products and AL colic beverages, for example is designed to raise revenue and because the tax increases the price, to discourage use of these products. (Volkomer, 2011).

The Legislative provide checks and balances within the legislative branch, the bicameral legislative the great compromise resulted in the creation of two houses with representation based on population in one and with equal representation in the other. The Judicial Branch decides arguments about the meaning of laws, how they are applied, and whether they would...