Information Systems and Software Application

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Information Systems and Software Applications





Every department within a company needs software applications and information resources to function properly. Three major departments are Marketing, Accounting, and Human resources. Each has tailored applications and they can be purchased, changed, and used appropriately for each company. Prices and complexity can vary, but it is the responsibility of the purchasing company if the price is worth the product.

Marketing departments use marketing software to manage marketing projects, create catalogs, and segment customer databases. Marketing software includes all computer programs and applications that help manage marketing work. The types of software used in this department are analyzing, planning, producing, and measuring, which can be broken down into more recognizable groups such as productivity and collaboration, business applications, and design and production tools. Marketing departments utilize these tools to analyze markets and customers, produce offers and promotions, and plan where money and time should be spent to increase sales. Finally, software is used to analyze and measure the results of the department’s efforts (What is Marketing Software?).

There are many types of accounting software applications available on the market today ranging from personal use applications to large corporate organization. They can be very simple or very complex and range dramatically in price as well. Accounting software can be useful in recording and processing accounts receivable and payable, payroll processing, documenting tax transactions, and creating related reports. Accounting software is used in billing clients and customers and debt collection (Madison, 2011).