Consumer Behaviour Assessment of Saudi Arabia

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Demographics of Saudi Arabia…….. (link on lab top)

The population in Saudi Arabia is 26,131,703 (July 2011 est), this includes 5,576,076 non nationals. 0-14 years accounts for 29.4% of the population (male 3,939,377/female 3,754,020) 15-64 years account for 67.6% (male 9,980,253/female 7,685,328) and 65 years and over account for 3% of the population (male 404,269/female 368,456) (2011 est.).

Looking at male and females aged between 30 and 40 our segment falls into the category accounting for 67.6% of the population. The median age of Saudi Arabia is 25.3 years, just under the target segment. Birth rate in the country is 19.34 births/1000 of the population (2011 est). This is important to us as research has suggested (see bibliography) that those aged between 30 and 40 fall into a category known as the ‘baby boomers’. ‘Baby Boomers’ are said to be serious business. They have the most disposable income as they have worked their way through their twenties and are now starting their family. They will want to spend money on their family as well as buying themselves the luxuries they became accustomed to in their twenties. Most information databases on the country say Saudi Arabia is populated by 100% Muslim followers. This however does not take into account those living and working in the country who are not originally from Saudi Arabia who have emigrated or….

After looking at the demographics of Saudi Arabia we must segment the market as much as possible using psychographics as our guide. Important aspects to concentrate on are: lifestyle, social class, opinions, activities and attitudes among this sector.

Demographics are changing rapidly in Saudi Arabia. Articles from AME, a middle east business resource, show family size is changing rapidly, a factor that can be taken into consideration when researching markets in a new country or region. Family size falls under the segment of lifestyle and one article outlines the result of a study which...