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Social Party By Ricky Chang (18th, Oct. 2008)

Subject: Social Birthday party on campus

Place: Billy's apartment where is a nice place for holding a party

Billy(leader-shareholder): He comes from Taiwan. We have met each other for more than three month.   He is 24 years old and I am 42 years old. What amazing unmber it is between to us. I love this boy because he is brilliant, attractive and talent. He is not only good at studying but also plays guitar, sings songs, speaks English and Japanese and covers me in everything which means I need him to give me a help. We are in different generation but we don't have the generation gap between us.

Natusru(customer): He is our new friend and 21 years old. He is a Japanese but his nationality is the Netherlands( Dutch ). He is a fresher of postgraduate and needs to get acquaint with new friends of Japanese who he speaks in Japanese and English fluently.

A group of Japanese girls(customers): Saori, Kazue, Satomi, and Junna are Billy's good friends. One of them is having a Birthday party. They want to invite their best friend to join Birthday party at Billy's place. They are also my good girls and almost in 20 years old around. They are from Japan being an exchange undergraduate in this year. We have a good relationship. They call me an Uncle. They love to enjoy having my Taiwanese cuisines and Taiwanese sense of humor. They respect me to be their elder member of a family.

Other friends in Birthday party(customers): They are from Tailand, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Background: I heart one of the Japanese girl told to me that they have wanted to have a Birthday party at Billy's place when we met in the library. She knows that I am Billy's closely kindness uncle. If I support her idea about the place for Birthday party, Billy will listen to me that he would be generous to invite them to his place having a lot of fun in the party.(She is very clever!)

Case Study: I want Billy to be the...