Stage New Product Development

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New product development is the improving and updating product lines is crucial for the success for any organisation and also is the term used to describe the complete process of bringing a new product or service to market. The process of NPD is critical part within an organisation. Products go through the stages of their lifecycle and will eventually have to be replaced. Below is a eight stages of new product development:

Stage 1: idea generation

In the stage 1, the new product ideas of “smelly” fabrics can come from many sources. But the point is where the organisations can get their idea for “smelly” fabrics? The idea can be separately to internal idea sources and external idea sources.

Example of internal idea sources is the organisation can get the idea from their staff (focus group or R & D department). The organisation can develop a program to encourage the staff to think the idea or develop the idea.

Example of external idea of smelly fabrics also can obtained from customer or competitor. Good new product idea can come from watching and listening to customers. The company can analysis customer question and complaint to find the new product that better to solve the problem.

Stage 2: idea screening

The purpose of the idea generation is create a large number of idea. In the stage 2 , the idea screening is help the organisation to reduce the number of idea. This process will selecting ones which are feasible and workable to develop. Pursing a non feasible idea reduce the cost of the organisation. Finally, idea of the smelly fabrics will be chosen.

Stage 3: concept development and testing

A most feasible idea must be put into product concept .The product image, product idea and product concept is the important distinguish. The smelly fabrics is a product that organisation can sell the fragrance fabrics to the market. A product concept is a detail version of the idea stated in meaningful consumer terms. A product image is the way consumer...