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Appendix C

You Are the Editor

Print news does not use paragraphs like a college essay does. You may recall from Ch. 10 in the text how lead paragraphs should not say too much or too little. You will also notice that print news rarely combines more than two sentences in a paragraph because the extra white space keeps material from looking dense and makes it easier for the reader to remain engaged. Keep in mind when you edit the article below that you are not organizing it like an essay.

Edit the article below as follows:

• Eliminate information you feel is irrelevant or trivial.

• Reword or eliminate verbiage inappropriate for news delivery.

• Reorganize the information according to:

o What information is most important

o What information is most new

o The impact of celebrity credibility to the issue

o How to organize facts so that similar topics are presented together and not scattered

o How to transition smoothly from one topic to another

• Correct grammar and punctuation errors.

LOS ANGELES—You should think really hard before getting a tattoo. They have always been considered a permanent choice—once it’s done, it’s there for life.

Recent developments in removal procedures, however, will give a second chance to those who have come to regret such a silly choice.

“They’ve been able to remove tattoos forever,” tattoo artist Cloud Walker said. “They were crude methods in the old days. They used to do dermabrasion, then they started doing skin grafting. The removal really has just gotten acceptable in the last 10 years.”

One of the more recent methods, the Q-switched ruby laser, is the most expensive and effective way to remove tattoos. The laser uses an intense red light which is absorbed into the tattoo ink, breaking it up into smaller pieces. The immune system can then remove and eliminate the pieces from the body.

According to Tattoo-B-Gone Laser Center, the treatment feels like a...