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Online Journal Instructions

(including some information on Peer Evaluations

plus some Reflections Paper details)

Business Capstone 301

Introduction / Overview

Why do a learning Online Journal?

How to lodge your Online Journal


Suggested Online Journal headings


Online Journal conclusion

Peer Evaluations

Some Reflection Paper details

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Why do a learning Online Journal?

• These are a key part of your learning experience in


• It is critical for you to monitor and review your

learning process and thereby establish a pattern of

self reflection to realise your potential in owning or

managing a business

• It is the best way for you to obtain direct feedback

from your tutor

• These entries are used to help prepare your

Reflections Paper in order to improve it’s quality

CRICOS Provider Code 00301J

How to lodge your Online Journal

• Online - via Blackboard

• To be completed online after receipt of each of

the Peer Evaluation results, and, submitted prior

to the start of each of the subsequent class

sessions or, the revised deadline set by your


Note: A maximum of 250 words applies for each

compulsory Online Journal.

CRICOS Provider Code 00301J


• Only you, the Tutors, the Unit Co-ordinator and

Blackboard Administrative Staff have access to

these entries

CRICOS Provider Code 00301J

Suggested Online Journal headings

• My collaboration and contribution

• Team collaboration and interactions

• What I need to improve on to become an effective

team member

CRICOS Provider Code 00301J

My collaboration and contribution

• What was my approach to interacting with the

other team members?

• How did I collaborate and contribute and was my

participation effective, important, useful?

• What did I expect to get out of working within my


• How did I feel and accept the peer-evaluations

regarding my involvement when compared to...