Video Game Pros and Cons

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Video Games: Pros and Cons

By: Christina Gentry

The impacts of video games, both positive and negative, have been the subject of many scientific research projects in the last few years. A large number of youths are playing increasingly violent video games. Researchers say that violent video games may contribute to a cold-hearted view and the desensitization to violence. In a 1982 Surgeon General report, concerns about video games were listed. It was feared that video games would cause teenagers to become less sensitive to the pain of others, make them more fearful of the world, and would cause them to behave more aggressively towards others. Another con of video games is the excessive playing of the games negatively affects the player’s education. Violence towards women, school shootings, and the increase in bullying are all a few of the supposed side effects of playing violent video games. Critics argue that violent games teach children that aggression is an acceptable way to solve conflicts.

Advocates for video games argue that the research on the topic can’t be definitively proven. They contend that violent video games help reduce the juvenile crime rate by serving as an alternative to physical violence and are a safe outlet for aggressive feelings. It’s also pointed out that if video games do cause violence, then the juvenile violent crime rate would increase as the number of video game sales increased. Instead, between 1999 and 2008, the arrest rate for violent juvenile crimes fell 49.3% and video game sales quadrupled.

Other advantages mentioned for video games include the enhancement of a child’s motor skills and their ability to think quickly. Video games can also provide a stress relief outlet and help kids better relate to each other using healthy competition.

A common argument is that a child’s disposition affects their preference in video games. It’s said that a child who already has violent tendencies and who has been exposed to excessive...