Case Study J and G Lawn Care Business

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J & G Garden Center: Lawn Care Service Division Case Study #1

1) The Weeds have come from humble beginnings. They started back in 1986. Gloria’s family allocated land to the Weeds here they were able run an retail store with a greenhouse attachment that produced some of the finest fresh-cut flowers, annuals, vegetables, and perennials. The Weeds also had a strong since of community and as the economy boomed as well as their business they always kept their prices “fair” as well as gave back to the community for which they help build. If you take a look outside, every business and new home has a “touch” of the Weeds. The Weeds did have concerns about opening The Lawn & Garden Doctor. After much debate and research they added this service to their business, but not before taken every precaution to make sure their community and its members would remain safe. The Weeds are providing jobs and valuable services to our community. The weeds are providing a service to our community that is second to none all of their staff is fully trained and they employ community members. I would rather professionals do this job oppose to the everyday “Joe” Lets retain The Lawn & Garden Doctor

2) How far will you go to make a dollar? How do you sleep at night? When will it stop? How many more pets have to get sick? These are the questions I set before you. Don’t get me wrong you are very good at what you do, however these chemical are extremely harmful. The community is grateful for your work but it’s costing our business. Our insurance premiums are rising the community backlash isn’t good for business. Today it’s a dog a week from now it’s a baby 5 years from now it’s a town filling claims against us for God knows what. Let’s think ahead we will look into temporary closing The Lawn & Garden Doctor do more research, maybe there is a less destructive chemical we can use. I propose we raise our prices 10% across the board we will remain competitive earn back the communities...