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Service Marketing

What does our logo symbolize?

* The color ‘Blue’ symbolizes 3 factors that is trust, dependability and commitment.

* The color ‘Green’ symbolizes peace and institutional which is associated with illnesses.

* The color ‘Yellow’ symbolizes enlightenment, happiness and promise of a positive future.

* And Zygna means “attempts to make better”

Introduction to the project

• Together with Dr. Zygna Rashid and his three partners Sana Rifat, Zahra Ghazanfar and Abdul Hameed are planning to build a multimillion dirham Zygna Hospital in Jebel Ali.

• We already have an active clinic in Qusais since 2002, but it was time for us to move forward.

• What to expect from Zygna

• The hospital will have 4 floors and 300 beds, an outpatient department and other hi-tech facilities.

• The hospital will have over 35 different departments specialized in the interest of our patients.

• The hospital will have 280 highly qualified doctors and nursing stations on every floor with over more than 400 qualified nurses.

• We will also have an emergency and trauma centre.

• The four-floor hospital will be equipped with neonatal ICU, a dialysis unit, a heart centre, CICU, PICU, a cath lab, operating rooms, an oncology centre, a nephrology unit, four medical surgery units, royal suites, accommodation facilities for parents and other such facilities.

The Mission

“To Provide easy accessibility to high quality healthcare”

The Vision

“To be the most efficient competent & courteous providers of comprehensive Healthcare in the World”

Firm’s Cooperate Statement

“Your Health Matters... to you’

to your loved ones’

to us at Zygna’

Highlights of the project

• Dr. Zygna is a highly qualified Heart surgeon and will be the President of Zygna Hospital.

• Along with his 3 partners Sana, Zahra & Abdul will give...