Supply Chain Evaluation

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University of California, Berkeley

Walter A. Haas School of Business

MBA/EWMBA 248: Supply Chain Management

Fall 2006

Professor: Alex Angelus

Office Hours: F432, Mondays, 5pm - 6pm


Prerequisite: MBA/EWMBA204; other graduate Operations Management coursework; permission of instructor


• The “course pack” available on

• Primary Textbook: “Designing and Managing the Supply Chain “ by Simchi-Levi, David, Philip Kaminsky, and Edith Simchi-Levi, 2002. (SKS)

• Supplemental Textbook: “Matching Supply with Demand”, Cachon and Terwiesch, 2006, (CT)


Supply Chain Management involves the flows of materials and information among all of the firms that contribute value to a product, from the source of raw materials to end customers. Elements of supply chain management have been studied and practiced for some time in marketing, logistics, and operations management. We will attempt to integrate these different perspectives to develop a broad understanding of how to manage a supply chain.

This course will focus on effective supply chain strategies for companies that operate globally with emphasis on how to plan and integrate supply chain components into a coordinated system. You will be exposed to concepts and models important in supply chain planning with emphasis on key tradeoffs and phenomena. The course will introduce and utilize key tactics such as risk pooling and inventory placement, integrated planning and collaboration, and information sharing. Lectures, Internet simulations, computer exercises, and case discussions introduce various models and methods for supply chain analysis and optimization.

This class will be a mix of lectures, case discussions and applications. The course objectives are to develop analytical and modeling skills, and to provide new concepts and problem-solving tools, applicable to the design and planning of supply chains. Course...