Ethnic Literature

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Ethnic Literature



July 16, 2012

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Ethnic Literature

Literature is the works of authors reflecting their literary style and experiences. Ethnic literature, on the other hand, is the works specifically written by a certain culture or origin. Life experiences, traditions, and passed down tales all influence the author of the story. Many ethnic writings incorporate American history in reference to the treatment of the author’s ethnicity. The literary works of Sandra Cisneros, Audre Lorde, N. Scott Momaday, and Li-Young Lee are examples of American ethnic literature that reflect Hispanic American, African American, Native American, and Asian American ethnic traditions.

“Ethnic” Literature Definition

There is a difference between calling something “ethnic” literature rather than simply literature. Ethnic literature is written work by authors of a distinct cultural or particular origin. Oftentimes, ethnic literature shares distinctive cultural traits from a specific group in society. On the other hand, when something is simply called literature, it is referred to as written works with artistic value. Many times...