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There can be many reasons as to why an individual behaves the way he or she does. From ethnicity, gender, personal traits, and even location, these could all have an impact on behavioral styles. Therefore, individuals are going to encounter all types of behaviors and must learn how to deal with them.

An individual’s ethnicity can have a major impact on their behavior and the behavior of the people around them. In the United States, the country is full of people from all types of backgrounds which lead to the opportunity for individuals to work with other people from different nationalities. Because of this many people may or may not know how to behave with people from different nationalities. In situations such as this individuals need to be educated about other nationalities. Instead of feeling like one must be overly mindful of what to say or how to act one should be respectful of each other’s differences.

When dealing with individuals from other nationalities means a difference in culture. This can be displayed among people born and raised in America. An example would be between Caucasians and African Americans. Because of the stereotypes that have been placed on the two ethnic groups the stigmas that are in one’s mind can have an impact on how each other behaves in one another’s presence.

Depending on the type of work being done, gender tends to have an impact on an individual’s behavior. Men and women view things differently. Therefore, men and women are going to behave differently. Though in the corporate world women tend to be just as aggressive as men when it comes to being in a leadership position. This is because many times women do not want to appear they can not handle the responsibilities like there male counterparts. Men are seen as a dominant individual. This means men behave in an authoritative manner and are placed in leadership positions. It is these types of perceptions of men and women that can dictate how one may...