Market Entry Strategy Development

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Market Entry Strategy Development

A. Group Name


Target Region for the Market

* Greater Manila Area, Central and Southern Luzon

Short Term Goal for Market Entry Strategy

* To be able to successfully penetrate the market through selling the actual product at a very reasonable but profitable price.

Long Term Goal for Market Entry & Strategy

* To be able to successfully establish our own brand identity in the market and gain enough profit for expansion.

B. Target Market

Who is your Target Market? Why?

* Our target market is children ages 5-9. It is because our product is playable through various levels of difficulties and thus could provide enjoyment for children of all ages.

What is the Average Yearly Income in your target market?

* The yearly income of middle class to upper class.

How would you describe the ideal customer or end user in this market?

* The ideal customer or end user should be able to enjoy building structures through the use if the pieces provided and enjoy the fun of taking it down through the use of the launcher and projectiles provided.

* The ideal customer could also be competitive enough to play the multiplayer option of this game.

What other information may be important to know about your target market?

* Information such as color preference and character preference would also be important to know.

C. Products

What is your product? Why did you choose this product?

* Our product is a toy/game that promotes creativity and critical thinking for our users. It is an innovation from the concept of Angry Birds.

* We chose this product because it is easy to market due to the popularity of a similar concept known as Angry Birds.

What are some product positives that you want your customers to know?

* We would like the customers to know that the product not only provides enjoyment but at the same time it also encourages our users to be creative, strategic...