Market Entry Strategy Analysis

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Market Entry Strategy Analysis


Any time a company introduces a new product into a market they are going to experience challenges. With introducing the M-box into the Swiss market we are going to have challenges with the demographics, the government, the physical infrastructure, economics, and the communication infrastructure.

Switzerland’s demographics are strong in some areas and weak in others. The greatest challenge in dealing with marketing the M-box is the current population growth rate. While the middle class size did show poor rankings in our BEAR research this will not have a major impact on the M-box because the middle class is not the entire target audience. With the growth rate being low it could impact the long term status of the M-box. To have a product that is successful you need one thing to be constant, consumers. If the amount of consumers decrease the amount of sales decrease, and the opposite holds true also. After the initial release of the M-box, we will need to have a pool of potential consumers to maintain stable sells. The way to develop this pool is adding to the population or advancement in age groups. With the growth rate low once the current people advance in age it will take a long time to repopulate the younger age groups. The other way to increase the population is adding people to your country by relocation. Switzerland has numerous stipulations that must be met prior to moving to the country and becoming citizens, increasing the population this way can take up to 12 years per person. So with these examples you can see how this could be the greatest challenge with demographics.

When introducing a new product in any country there are governmental hurdles everyone has to jump through. Even with a very high ranking for economic freedom, this could be the greatest challenge we face. Switzerland ranks fifth in the world and first in European Union for economic freedom. We are attempting to...