Human Bingo

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Icebreaker games help to setting the right atmosphere for the participants so that they can be more comfortable with the facilitation session. It also aids the facilitators greatly because such activities promote bonding between participants and the facilitator. Therefore, the participants can be more willing and open in sharing their views. ‘Human Bingo’ serves as an icebreaker game that enhances interaction and understanding between the participants. This activity helps them to comprehend each other more as every participant is expected to take initiative in approaching each other so as to exchange their information and to get their boxes signed. Instructions of the game can be found on the appendix.

‘Human Bingo’ Instructions:

1. Both participants care required to give a self-introduction when one party is approached by another.

2. Participants will then select and sign on a box from the ‘Human Bingo’ sheet that describes about them.

3. Participants are not allowed to sign on their own ‘Human Bingo’ sheet and they are only allowed to sign on another party’s ‘Human Bingo’ sheet once.

4. Participants can win the ‘Human Bingo’ game by having their boxes signed horizontally, vertically and diagonally across.

|I’m born in month of |I keep a dog as my pet |My favourite colour is |I have a younger sibling |I have travelled to |

|February | |purple | |Australia before |

|I enjoy playing badminton|I love strawberry |I live in the eastern |I have travelled to |I have been approached by|

| | |part of Singapore |Europe before |a stranger for my contact|

| | | | |number |

|I own more than one |I have been to USS before|I love Kpop |I...