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From: Nathaniel Scott

To: All WidgetCorp. Employees

Subject: New Internet Usage Policy

All WidgetCorp. Employees:

Here at WidgetCorp. we have noticed a decrease in employees’ productivity do to the fact of our current internet usage policy. Because of decreased productivity, Jeff Smith, WidgetCorp. President, will be implementing a new internet usage policy going into effect four weeks from September 10, 2012.

All internet usage must be used in a professional manner. Non-work related sites such as shopping, E-mail, social networking (such as Facebook and MySpace), reading news sites or blogs, and even job searching will be prohibited during working hours. With the increase of bandwidth usage fees as well as the distraction to fellow co-workers listening to the radio online will also be prohibited.

Since this is a new policy we will be lenient to all when it is first introduced. Those continuing to not abiding by the new policy will be losing their internet privileges.

The idea behind the new policy is not to take away internet usage away, but to make you more aware of when it can be used. Please be advised that this policy is in effect when employees are technically on the clock. It will not be in effect during employee’s break times. (i.e., lunch, and breaks).

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me.


Nathaniel Scott

Director of Human Resources

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