Operational Plan: Pricing Strategies

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Product Offering: Channel and Pricing Strategies

Karin Campbell, Sheryl Everard, Angela Lee, Kathy Moore

MKT 571

July 16, 1012

Victoria Flood

Product Offering: Channel and Pricing Strategies

Channel and Pricing strategies work together as part of a successful marketing mix. Pricing relates to product positioning and can affect such items such as channel decisions and the promotion of the service being offered. Record Management Solution (RMS) has developed two pricing and channel strategies, one for our domestic market and one that will introduce the opportunity to branch into foreign markets. The decision to expand RMS’ business to foreign markets requires careful consideration to ensure proper product positioning in addition to choosing the correct channel strategy.

Justification of International Market

When considering which international market to enter, RMS looked at the developed vs. developing markets. “The challenge is to think creatively about how marketing can fulfill the dreams of most of the world’s population for a better standard of living” to fit our business strategy (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p. 672). Sweden’s green initiatives are definitely part of the developed market for Resolution Management Solutions to expand upon. Stockholm, Sweden has been voted as the top green initiative community by “beating out 34 European cities to win the first European Commission Award in 2010” (Fodor, 2011). Sweden is the international market that Resolution Management Solutions has selected to expand our business strategy due to the attractiveness, the sustainability of the market, and the continual growth of the green initiatives since 1972 when Sweden held the first United Nations conference on the environmental issues.

One justification to enter the international market is the attractiveness. RMS realized the attractiveness of entering a foreign market like Stockholm, Sweden with their standing on the...