How to Set Up a Job Interview

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How to set up a job interview


The job interview is the most important and common tool in the selection process in human resources is because job interview can help the employer to evaluate the potential employee for prospective employment in their company, organization, or firm. During this process, the employer hopes to determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the role.

So job interview is the most important and common tool in the selection process in human resources practice. (Joinson, C. 2000)

How to set up a job interview

To set up an effective job interview process manger should consider issue in three sides. First is before the interview. Second is during the interview. Last is after the interview. (Koonce, R. 1997)

Before the interview

First the employer must know about their company and the job specific need. If you do not know exactly what kind of staff to recruit, you'll struggle to find the right person.

So employer must done anther human resources practices which are Job Analysis and Job Design. (Carlson, J.H. & Mellor, S. 2004)

In addition, interview in not only the employer chooses the employee; also employee is chooses the company too. In fact candidates are likely to ask about the detail of companies and jobs. If recruiters cannot clearly answer job expectations and company details, it will give people a very professional feel. So recruiters must know the detail of the job.

During the interview

This five suggestion is can help company to have an effective interview process.

1. Recruiters can be a group included Human Resources Manager, take job applications department manager and senior staff.

2. Interview location should be quiet, to avoid all kinds of interference.

3. Do the records. Even if the interview panel members, relying solely on memory is also very dangerous. Prepare a tape recorder is also useful, but only in the case of candidates agreed before use....