Majorie's Letter

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Marjorie’s Letter

Dear Leonard,

I know that you really, really loved your Doberman pinscher, and I don’t mind the 20-foot statue you made in your backyard. However, it is cutting off my view of the mountains, unless I stand on my patio and climb on the grill which I might add is extremely dangerous to my health for I’m old and near death. Can you move it a bit more to the left side of your backyard where you can view your lovely statue all you want and I can enjoy the view of the mountains I love so dearly. Also the lights you attached to your house to show off the statue are facing my windows. I would love it so much if you can just turn them away from my house, because I have to always have my curtains closed so they don’t blind me. Like I said earlier in my letter, I’m getting old and the lights often make me think my time has come.

The “Doggie Woggie” song is honestly not that bad of a song, but I would prefer if it would be played in the day rather than late at night or early in the morning. I do need my rest and like to have eight to ten hours of sleep and the song makes it rather difficult to do that. If anything you can even turn it down so just you can hear it in your house or make a classical instrumental version of it so it would sound peaceful and help me sleep.

Lastly, can you adjust the settings for the recordings of Fluffy’s bark to something less repetitive. I understand how much you love your dog and the barks help you remind you of the good times, but its barking all the time. Any slight movement from even squirrels will set that thing off and its getting to the point that it sounds like a dog is always barking. It makes me think that a burglar might be living in my backyard. I understand that this is something

that holds a special place in your heart, but Fluffy was your dog and not ours, please be understanding to us as well.

Thank so much!

Your neighbor,