Target Market

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Possible Improvements and Solutions

Target Market

Some ways they can improve their target market is by making the store appealing and attractive to walk-in customers. The store layout needs improvement. For example, creativity with the products, whether it’s by color, size and style. By having the products out it will help benefit the company for making more money. In most cases, the more the customers see, the more they will want to purchase. They need to improve the display of in store floral arrangement as there is none available for walk-in customers. The method of payment needs to be improved. They need to cater to everybody who chooses to do business with them (teenagers, young adults, middle-age or senior citizens) and not just those customers who use their online services or have access to credit cards.


• Their line of product can be improved by selling other things not limited to flowers, such as teddy-bears, candies and chocolate.

• Based on the line of product Blooming Things does not cater to ages 18 and under.


• They can improve their prices offered to their customers by offering the 10% discount to all customers who order flowers from the store and not only to the on line customers.


• They can improve the promotion strategy or techniques they are using which is the internet. Using the internet alone is not good enough because everyone does not have access to a computer. Some customers are willing to go directly into the store and purchase flowers but because of the type of promotion that is being offered (internet) they are unable to buy.


• They can improve their means of distribution other than the internet because in the event the computer crashes or there’s a disaster (hurricane, fire, or theft) they will lose everything or valuable information.


The three key improvements for Blooming Flowers in order of priority consist of their Target...