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Identification Assessment Response Plan

Risk Consequence Probability Impact Trigger Resp. Response

Budget If we do not keep track of our spending the project's budget could over. Possible Very High Status updates Quick Over looking the budget and making the proper cuts to lower the cost of the budget.

Timeline The project time line can go through last minute changes which could result in a shorten timeline. Very Possible High Weekly meetings Quick Access the timeline and see where the necessary crash cost and time can be made.

Personnel Finding key personnel can be an issue if the employees feel under paid. The personnel could also have low moral which will lead to lack of work, calling off, or even quitting inbetween the project. Highly Possible Medium Status updates Moderate Overlook the budget and see if there is room for replaing any of the personnel who quit. If that's not the case have a meeting with the personnel, and the manager to address the concerns.

Injury If some of the personnel are not properly trained with the equipment they could get hurt. Then again accidents are a high risk because accidents can happen anywhere. Highly Possible High Status updates Quick Contact the local medical staff and see if the injury needs to be escalated to the hospital. Fill out the proper paper work and report.

Equipment While equipment is built to last their can always be accidents with equipment. The equpment could break down or even being stolen. Equipment can even suffer from weather damage. Highly Possible High Status updates Moderate Get the rough estimate for the repair/replacment cost. Look into the budget and analyze if this item is in need of replacement. Have security keeping an eye on the equipment.

Failure While everything may seem to be planned out properly. Meeting deadlines and depending on others to keep the schedule moving. The project managers biggest fear is failing at making this project a success. Possible Very high Weekly meetings /...