Deontological Ethics

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As already mentioned, there is no set definition of business ethics. Depending on the mission and the shareholder’s objective, this will differ from organization to organization. Good business to me is being fair to the organization as far as its shareholders, employee, and customers. It means being a good leader for others to follow and knowing how to take direction from others when needed. This plays into part to me as far as people must act out of duty. The following situation will describe an ethical problem I confronted with recently while at work.

I was the admin worker for the majority of all different kind of officers throughout different military services. I had two different people at times who I had to answer to. I came to work early and worked late into the evenings with no complaints. I had a co-worker who would help out, but he ended up leaving about one year before I left. I worked both his and my workload for about ten months before I got anymore help.

During the times I wanted to take leave to either rest or spend some time with my family, I was always looked at sideways as if me taking leave was going to be a problem. One of my supervisors would think up every excuse under the sun for me to push my

1) Describe an ethical problem you have confronted in a business situation;

2) Describe the deontological implications of the ethical problem you have described;

3) If the problem was resolved: a) Tell me how the problem was resolved; b) Whether you agree with how the problem was resolved; and c) Whether the problem was resolved consistent with the principles of deontological ethics (see *** italicized below).

4) If the problem has not yet been resolved: a) Tell me how you would resolve it; and b) Whether your resolution would be consistent with deontological ethics (see *** italicized below).