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Metaphor Paper

Corine Howard

Rhetoric and Critical Thinking/COMM 251

September 4, 2012

Dr. Margaret Garberina


Each day I wake up next to an adoring husband who has helped me through my pain and suffering. Sometimes I stay awake at night alone, by myself just sitting in the dark thinking. Having screws in my back to hold it together feels horrible; sometimes it’s as if the inside of my back is on fire. It’s good to have a wonderful husband who will do his best to help me through my suffering. He recently encouraged me to buy myself nicer things, so I went to the store and bought sleek n’ shine shampoo. I got out of the shower after using it and my husband said my hair was shiny. While I brushed my hair, it still being wet, I felt the back of my neck and realized I didn’t get all of the conditioner out; my neck felt like gooey slime. Later on, after my hair had dried I was brushing it and straighten it with my flat iron. I felt my hair and it was as soft as my cat’s fluffy fur. I still love the shampoo to this day. Each and every night it’s so hard for me to sleep, I have stayed up several nights in a row, sometimes it’s as if I’m a robot running on empty because of no sleep. My husband constantly tells me that things will get better, I return with a comment I use all the time, “yeah, when hell freezes over”. It’s so hard to act normal when you are in constant pain. I just pray and wish for a day to come when I won’t have to deal with it anymore. However, even though I suffer, I am grateful to have a wonderful and loving husband who has never left my side.