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1. Which of the following statements is/are CORRECT?

1. A system is defined as an object or collection of objects being studied.

2. Surroundings are defined as the entire universe, excluding the system.

d. 1 and 2

2.Which of the following processes is/are endothermic?

3.the evaporation of isopropyl

c. 3 only

3. If the same amount of energy in the form of heat is added to 5.00g samples of each of the metals below, which metal will undergo the largest temperature change?

Metal__________specific heat (J/g.*C)

Ag 0.235

Al 0.897

Cu 0.385

Fe 0.449

Hg 0.140

e. Hg

4.Which of the following is/are state properties?

1. volume

2. Enthalpy

d. 1 and 2

5. Aluminum has a specific heat of 0.902 J/g.*C. How many joules of heat are required to change the temparture of 8.50g of aluminum from 25.0*C to 93.4*C

e. 524 J

6. 30.0g H20 at an unknown temp is mixed with 27.0g of water at 15.8*C in a coffee-cup calorimeter. If the final temp of the mixture is 29.1*C, what is the initial temp of the water?

d. 41.1*C

7.If 50.0g of benzene, C6H6 at 25.0*C absorbs 2.71kJ of energy in the form of heat, what is the final temp of the benzene? The specific heat of benzene is 1.72J/g*C

c. 56.5*C

8.Methane, CH4 reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, and heat.

b. --277kJ

9.Determin the heat of reaction for the decomposition of one mole of benzen to acetylene, C6H6(l)--à3C2H2(g)

Given the following thermo chemical equations: --6271kJ --2511kJ


10.Determine the heat of evaporation of carbon disulfide, CS2(l)àCS2(g)

Given the enthalpies of reaction below. +89.4kJ +116.7kJ

c. +27.3kJ

11.Determine H for the following reaction,


Given the thermo chemical equations below. +180.8kJ --91.8kJ ---483.6kJ

b. --452.8kJ

12. Using molar...