Creating a Sport Dynasty at the Expense of Ethical Morality, the Penn State Case

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Creating a sport dynasty at the expense of ethical morality, the Penn State Case


Augustine Junius

Course: MOL6600HYBB2U01 – Legal & Ethical Aspect of Organizations

Summer 2012

Date: August 25, 2012

Professor: Carole A. Cummings, Esq.

Wilmington University


This paper discusses the roles and responsibilities of the Administration and the faculty of Pennsylvania State University, Penn State in creating a sports dynasty at the expense of ethics morality. The paper examines Penn State sporty dynasty, the structure of the dynasty, the rules governing the dynasty, and in the case of ethical and moral or even criminal violation on the part of the sports dynasty, what was consequential, among others. The paper further examines what the sports program meant to Penn State and how the sports program created an Icon, and how much Penn state depended on the sports program financially, and how the sports program contributed it its notoriety and favorable impression of Penn State nationally.


According the Chronicle of Higher Education, CHE, Jerry Sandusky joined Penn State Football coaching staff in 1969. Sandusky, a former longtime defensive coordinator for the stored Nittany Lions’ football team, was seen for many years as someone you could trust. Sandusky was an icon at Penn State. The children who love this football team for their outstanding performance amongst colleagues athletics, were not safe, they were betrayed by one of the most respected men on the athletic program, while the university authority that should protect them turned the other side, (CHE, 2012). Quote ethics & morality Here

Wikipedia noted that, the fallout from the scandal had far-reaching implications for the university. The report of an independent investigation commissioned by the Penn State Board of Trustee, (the Board) and...