Ben Ohau Lodge

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According to the case, Presidents, playboys, and other such globe-trotters are the prime target of the fledgling business tourism business developed by Ben Ohau Lodge, are the exclusive customer. It can identify that the target customers of this lodge are divided by the characteristics of psychographic and the characteristics of demographic. In terms of psychographic segmentation, activity and lifestyle are the factor to segment the market of the people who are under pressure and public observation in their everyday lives and desire to find a private and peaceful environment holiday in a little-known place. Also, since the price is not a significant variable for target market, a high-income market is determined.

As Ben Ohau Lodge has customized services for rich-travelers, most target customers are likely to be foreigners rather than New Zealanders because the foreigners from other countries have higher income. According to (Trading economics, 2012), The Gross Domestic Product in New Zealand was worth 142.48 billion US dollars in 2010 and New Zealand has lower GDP since 2009- 2011 compare to other countries such as China, Indonesia, Russia, and Malaysia. In additional, in 2003, New Zealand’s GDP per capita which calculated by using Purchasing Power Parities was below the OECD average. It was ranked twenty-one of the thirty OECD countries (Statistics New Zealand, 2003). As a result, the lodge has more opportunities to increase revenue and profits from foreigners from another countries rather than New Zealanders. Moreover, it is benefit for Ben Ohau Lodge to expand business and focus on international customers because it is wider than choosing only in a local market.

In fact, attitude and beliefs sometimes combine to form an expectation. For Ben Ohau Lodge, target customers are likely expect to have quality, reliability, and rang of service.

To satisfy and meet customer expectation, Cris Rebeck, the company’s managing director, has...