Women Discrimination Against Women

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Discrimination against women

First and for most let’s look into the meaning of the word discrimination. “Discrimination is define as a positive or negative attitude toward an individual based on his/her religious, race or other groups”(Webster new Word Dictionary). Despite numerous laws implemented to help stop discrimination in society, discrimination still exists among society today. People will denied this allegation, however if discrimination did not exists, why are there laws set in place to prevent it from happening? The problem with discrimination is that it is not just limited to races or ethnic groups; it also exists among gender preference, and economic equality. People are constantly generating questions around the topic of discrimination, but the truth of the matter is that discrimination will never be abolished, it is here to stay. The reason being is that discrimination is based on the opinion, and beliefs of each individual. Everyone has created in their own mind what they belief should be the accepted norm, therefore anything outside of that becomes a target for discrimination. The discrimination topic I choose today is women discrimination.

Discrimination can begin at any stage of a women life. It has been noted that in some countries like China, people use diagnostic ultrasound to find the sex of the baby. If they are pregnant with a girl they will terminate the pregnancy or give her up for adoption at the time of birth. Some countries believe that a son will provide financial stability while a girl will cause economic hinder to the family. There is also a belief that girls require more attention. Boys can

go and do as they please while girls are force by their parents to help with the cooking, cleaning and chores around the home. As a child growing up in a household where I was the only girl, the pressure was 80% of the time on me. I had an older brother who was allowed to work at the age of 14 years old; and two younger...