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1 April 2012


515 Tinker Rd

Bellows AFS, HI 96795

FROM: SMSgt Mark D. Morgan Jr.

SUBJECT: Request for Administrative Hearing

1. I do not have an issue with the 180 day suspension of driving privileges on Bellows AFS. My reason for appealing this suspension is based solely on the allegation leading to the suspension. The citation (G431037) is for parking in a prohibited area and leaving a child under 12 years old in the vehicle. I do not disagree with the parking in the prohibited area portion of the ticket, but I absolutely disagree with Officer Garcia (SSgt John C. Garcia) regarding leaving my son unattended.

2. The events leading to this citation are as follows. My wife, son, and I were leaving Bellows after a day of fun in the sun when my wife asked that we stop by the front office to pickup a brochure for renting the cottages. There was not an open parking spot so she said to drop her at the door and she would just run in. She also asked that I go into the back of our jeep for some chips to go with our son’s sandwich. I pulled off to the side of the lobby door and parked in a no parking zone with the intention of grabbing the chips and jumping back in the driver’s seat to wait on my wife. When I grabbed the chips for my son I realized we hadn’t thrown out our trash from the day at the beach. I gave him the chips and walked into the lobby looking for the trash and didn’t see it. I asked where the trash was and low and behold I parked next to it blocking my view. My son is 7 years old and I know I can trust him in the back seat with a sandwich and chips long enough to go to a trashcan. I disagreed with Officer Garcia’s opinion/definition of unattended when he mentioned it as a citation. I told him there was no way the time I was away from my son could constitute unattended and his response was, he had time to park his quad, remove his helmet and gloves, put on his beret and ask my...