Decision Science

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MGT3050 Decision Science

Problem-based Learning: Team Project


Project Brief


* To develop critical thinking

* To develop the ability to apply acquired knowledge of quantitative analysis to real business problems

* To develop team working skills

* To enhance report writing skills


I. Form a group of 5 students

II. Select a set or sets of relevant data from published sources of any organizations such as government agencies, statistic departments etc locally or internationally. (You can use the websites of the respective organizations to secure the data)

III. Process the raw data into meaningful information to support business decisions, and give recommendations, by applying anyone or a combination of the topics covered in class, such as:

a. Decision Analysis

b. Forecasting Methods

c. Project Scheduling

d. Linear Programming

e. Transportation and Assignments

f. Inventory Management

IV. Prepare a comprehensive report.

Report Writing:

* Format of report:

* Cover page (Project title, names of team members & matric numbers, class section and kulliyyah).

* Executive Summary

* Content Page

* Introduction

* Business Problem

* Assumptions

* Analysis:

* Method of analysis (application of the relevant topics learned in class, such as Decision Analysis, Forecasting models, Project Management, Linear Programming, Transportation and Assignment, or Inventory models)

* Incorporating Islamic Values and Perspectives

* Recommendations

* Conclusions

* Appendix:

* Attach the relevant raw data in the appendix

* A short reflective essay on the learning experience from this project (1 – 2 pages)

* Consistent page alignment, margins, font: Times New Roman, font size: 12pt, appropriate heading, page...