Operating Systems and Analysis

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Operating Systems Analysis Paper

Kevin Shoaf



Mr. Hodgdon

Operating Systems Analysis Paper

The Internet runs through a multitude of hardware including routers and servers that are the network that is the core of the Internet. Basically the Internet is a request from a client (the device used to access the Internet) through a multitude of different nodes that connect the request to a web server, then the web server returns the information stored on it back to the client. These networks are all over the world and are what makes up what we know as the Internet. But what about the software that runs all of that hardware? Well, the Operating Systems that are most commonly used on the Internet are Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. These three different types of OS are used for a variety of different reasons, all of which will be discussed in this paper.

The Windows OS that is on the Internet is nothing like the Windows OS that may be on your computer at home. There are major differences between them, some of the biggest advantages to running a Windows OS are the ability to use and run ASP (Active Server Pages) and Microsoft .NET framework scripts, the ability to run windows applications, ease of use, and scalability. ASP is a very useful tool that makes developing a web page that is very easy to code; this is the similar to .NET in the fact that it is very time saving by providing an environment for the development and running of applications. Since the OS that is being used to run the system and the most commonly used OS in the world are both one and the same, many of the applications that are used by most people is also being used in the network. A Windows OS for the Internet has always been considered to be the easier to use OS for many reasons, including: website managing, multiple applications, easy to use GUI (Graphic User Interface), and fast integration. Windows OS are also very easy to scale up if necessary due to the fact that there...