A Power Influence Approach

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A Power-Influence Approach

Kimberly Faragher


August 27, 2012

William C. Shearer

A Power-Influence Approach

Leadership Approach

Leaders within organizations have the power to influence there their employees in the workplace. The influences that leaders have an opportunity to bestow upon their employees depend on how a leader chooses to exercise their power of authority. Not only does the power-influence approach modeled by a leader affect employees but, according to Yuki (2010), it affects customers and suppliers outside the business. Using the power of influence as a leader correctly can affect the productivity and quality of what followers produce.


The strengths behind using a power-influence leadership approach set up a positive work environment for employees. Employee attitudes at work lead into forming an environment of behaviors for a company (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Influencing and guiding employees to work on ideas of business interest generative a positive atmosphere where employees believe their ideas are valued. Forming an organization environment of positive attitudes and behaviors effects customer satisfaction (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Coaching and training employees attitude and behaviors using different techniques can impact the internal and external productions of a business positively.

Model of Power-Influence Approach

An Example of the power-influence approach being practiced within an organization is shown by Goggle. This company’s leadership believes that their employees produce more when they work on ideas that they are passionate about. Google leaders guide and train their...