5. Complete Case Exhibit 5 by Separating the Order-Driven Costs from Case Table 2 and by Using Actual, Rather Than Budgeted, Sales Volumes.

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Examining Canada Goose Inc.: At a Retail Crossroads

University of Houston-Victoria

MKTG 6352

Tamarris Durham

Problem Statement

CEO Dani Reiss faced a dilemma. After sitting in the office considering the future of the company, Reiss believed that there were opportunities left on the table that would solidify the reputation of the company as the undisputed market leader. Two offers in particular that are being presented to Reiss that would help Canada Goose reach this goal are heavy on the CEO’s mind. Although both offers are very rewarding, each offer has a down side. The CEO needed to find a way to increase revenue and market share in order to solidify Canada Goose’s position atop the industry. Would this implementation come from one of the proposed offers, or would it be an internally developed process that would accomplish the task that Reiss had in mind?

Situational Analysis

In order to better understand the current standing of Canada Goose’s position in the industry, one can analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By understanding the current state of the company, one can suggest steps that Reiss can take in order to achieve the ultimate goal of being the undisputed industry leader.

STRENGTHS Products-Market leading products with high demand. Noted as a status symbol in Canada. Market share-CG did not have many competitors at the level that they had reached. They did not consider any particular competitor a serious threat. | WEAKNESSES Reputation-Although CG is well respected, the company is not well known due to catering to a limited target consumer. Word of mouth advertising-although this method has proven successful, utilization of this method as a main advertising tool is not the best. |

OPPORTUNITIES Expand-Reiss wanted to grow the Canada Goose brand. Revenue-Sales were being affected by the 100% retail markup. Product selection-very limited selection. Advertising-CG kept a low profile by minimal spending...