Pencil Case Study

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Assignment #3 Pencil Case

SCO 3061

Lino A. Dolva

Sun Sook Yang

Question 1: Fill all the information in the current state map of the boxing function. What is the total processing and lead time?

Total lead time: 9.5 days and 6.3 minutes

Total process time: 378.46 seconds

(See Current State Map for further details and calculations.)

Question 2: Identify the biggest problem with the current process. Justify your selection. What impact does this problem have on total processing and lead time?

The biggest problem with the current process is the printing process. The utilization is 161 % which means the CWI is not meeting the demand as the printing operation slows down the system output. The printing process is definitely the bottleneck. There are 6380 boxes stacking up in front of the printer and this causes a wait time of 6 days, which is critical to the total lead time.

The printing process makes an impact on the total processing time in terms of the wait time of 6 days that it causes, and the process time of 320. If it would have been faster or if CWI invested in an additional machine, the process and lead time would have been decreased significantly.

Additionally, the company is printing so much order information. It took a lot of time to print and verify. They should launch POS system so they can reduce paper work and lead time.

Question 3: Categorize the production steps in Boxing into value added and non-value added steps

Value added:


Non-value added:

Order print/verify

Order entry

Order verify

The customer is buying the pencils with the purpose of getting the boxes, which contains the pencils, imprinted with their logo and artwork to create a generic store-brand writing instrument. Therefore the printing process adds value to the product in terms of customer needs.

Activities such as Order print/verify, Order entry and order verify adds no value to the customer because the processes are considered as administrational...