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1. Aim\Objective

To learn key observation skills needed for implementation of scientific method.

2. Strategy

• To document as many quantitative as well as qualitative observations as possible on a given peanut.

• To find the assigned peanut inside a bowl of peanuts.

3. Materials

• Peanut (marked with UV visible pen)

• Ruler

• Paper

• Lead pencil

• Thread

• Callipers

4. Procedure -1

1. Assigned peanut was observed your for its general shape, size, color and any special markings.

2. Close attention was paid to any special markings it had that will help you differentiate it among other peanuts.

3. Next the length and width of the peanut were measured with a ruler and noted.

4. Finally, the circumference of the peanut was measured using a thread and noted as well.

Procedure -2

1. As the instructor had mixed my peanut into a bowl of peanuts, the original peanut had to be found by using the observations made in step-1.

2. First of all, a peanut was picked based on visual observations like a special grayish T- shaped markings, color and shape.

3. Finally this peanut was further confirmed as the original peanut by measuring its length, width and circumference.

6. Results

|Feature |Observation |

|Length |2.6cm |

|Width |1.4cm |

|Circumference |2.0cm |

|Shape |Banana shaped |