Cultural Competency Assessment of a Community Organization

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Somali Bantu Community Organization of Syracuse

One of the newest, but most caring community-based organizations is the Somalia Bantu Community Organization of Syracuse. Anyone in search of a new life in America from another country is bound to some sort of culture shock. Letting go one’s every day surroundings and slowly accepting a new way of life can be not only exciting but also frightening as well. It is significant however to keep some of the customs one is used to when entering into life in a new country. The Somali Bantu Community Organization of Syracuse in Upstate NY offers counsel to those obtaining a new start in America. The Bantu arrived in Somalia in the 19th century and have since been persecuted in Somali because of cultural differences. “The number of the Somali Bantu refugees who settled in Syracuse alone is estimated to be over 500 individuals and over ninety five families,” (Somali Bantu Community Organization, 2009, p. 1).

Agency History and Population Served

Currently located in the city of Syracuse NY, the Somali Bantu Community Organization, also known as SBCO was founded in 1994 and is a charity-based organization that depends on other charities to stay an important part of the community. The SBCO serves the Bantu, an ethnic minority of Somalia that has endured many years of racism, slavery, punishment, and hate crimes within refugee camps of Somali. SBCO offers services to different ages and both genders of the Bantu community. The Bantu have never known what freedom, education, and the ability to vote were. The ability to gain freedom, and understand what living truly is about was all in part of making the move to other parts of the world.

Services Offered

SBCO offers a variety of services that assists the Bantu integrate smoothly within the community. Referral services, interpretation services in various languages known to the Bantu, leadership training, and mediation services are all offered. Many of the Bantu who immigrate...