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Brian Joseph

Professor Autumn Knight


4 March 2012

“Almost, Maine” Outline

Sentence Outline

I. Introduction to the topic:

In Almost, Maine there is the characters that fall in and out of love in an unexpected but extremely humorous way. Hearts were being tossed, turned, and flipped and flopped, but somehow those hearts began to heal and true love was found.

II. Thesis

Sometimes in life we try and grasp something that is just too impossible to grasp or maybe there are times when we search for something or someone for so long and if it’s the wrong thing we are searching for it seems impossible, and we eliminate anything or anyone that tries to stop you from reaching it when it could be something or someone you truly need.

III. Reasons

A. Many times things seem so unclear to us because we are searching for the wrong things. Instead of searching for love maybe it will just come to you.

B. Don’t be too quick to shut someone down because you believe you will find somebody better. The person that is in front of you trying to show you their love could be your true love, but since you are so destined for other things you ignore the good and go for the bad.

IV. Reasons

A. For example, in Almost, Maine one of the couples, the woman in the relationship gave him all his love back, and she demanded her love back. Her love that she had returned back to him was an overload and the love that was given back to her was not what she expected. She received an engagement ring. If she would have just waited then she would have been happier instead of everything being forced.

B. However, in Almost, Maine one of the couples, the woman told her mate how much she liked him and how she now loved him, then her mate finally said he loved her back for the very first time.