Week 4 Ilab Questions

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1) What are the three base calendars included in MS Project and what are the default values of each?

The three basic calendars included in MS Project are the Standard, 24-hour calendar, and a night shift calendar. The standard calendar typically is set to an 8-hour day (5 days per week), being 8A-12P and 1P-5P, with a 1 hour lunch break. The 24-hour calendar is set to cover a 24-hour time period (12A-12A, 7 days per week) and the night shift calendar covers graveyard shift hours that are typically 11A-8A, with a lunch sometime around 3A-4A.

2) What is the difference between a base calendar and a resource calendar?

Base calendars cover working and nonworking times and days within a calendar time period. They also cover exceptions, such as extra work days or holidays. Base calendars may be used and adapted to serve as the basis for a specific resource calendar.

Resource calendars specifically schedule a resource, such as a contractor or manager to ensure proper availability.

3) Why schedule one project meeting after completion of the last task, Test System?

The reason for scheduling one project meeting after completing the system test task would be to review the successes or failures/shortcomings on the system test and then develop a plan to move forward. Failures must be addressed immediately and remedied, but successes could push the system to the finish line more quickly.

4) Give an example of when you would assign a 24-hour calendar to a resource.

I would assign a 24-hour calendar to a resource such as

5) If you were doing a senior project, what would be the base calendar you would use for students working on the project and what adjustments would you make to it?