Resonating with the Public

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So we have pets, college loans and American Idol. Many people will have just as many different, even conflicting, ideas about these topics. In order to make these topics meaningful and resonate with the public, some sort of understanding about how people feel about these topics would help.

I will start at the bottom of the list with American Idol. To resonate with the public I think the fulfillment of a dream would be the most common theme among the general public. Sharing a personal passion and asking the audience to perhaps recall their childhood dreams would be a good method of making that personal connection to get them interested and add meaning. The message would be to never let go of your dreams because they just might be realized someday, even through a TV show such as American Idol. Another way to tackle the subject of American Idol would be to turn it around and take the negative side of it to heart. Amassing an attack on the methods employed by the panel of judges and perhaps even suggesting that the wrong things are being judged could hit home with a good majority of the public. I would be willing to say it would be quite common for many people to think the whole idea of striving to become an “Idol” is vain and futile for most. Why would we want to subject ourselves to such torture that is commonly issued out in this show, broadcast it to the masses and call it entertainment? Is this really what has become the “social norm”?

College loans seem to be a necessity if one wishes to pursue a higher education. But how does the general public feel about them? I would think this might be very audience dependant and will use the local public here where I live as an example. The majority here are poor or simply not educationally motivated. Hard work is the way to move ahead or there is simply no reason to move ahead – just be happy with the hand you are dealt and that is that. The subject of college loans is not an easy one. The schools preach “college...