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I agree with mercy killing because:

* it relieves suffering

Would you want a family member or a friend to face a long slow painful death?

Even if they do take medications they sometimes have unpleasant side effects.

Do you want them to live in a state where they can’t progress, breath, and talk, hear, and see? People do want to live. But merely existing is not enough.

* Human beings are independent entities, and they have a right to take a carry out decisions about themselves

A person decides what job they want, or if they want to spend the rest of their life with someone, or have children. So what is the harm in allowing a terminally ill person to decide for themselves whether they are better off dead or alive? If the person is on life support and can never survive on their own it would be best to end all pain and suffering because if they are not able to talk then they are not able to tell you how they are feeling or how they are hurting.

"What do we do about the terminally ill and sick people? Is it good and proper to keep them alive and suffering when all they want is a merciful release?" there are situations in which a patient really was suffering an incurable and painful disease. And when all the facts became even people who were initially against a chosen death agreed that death was a better option than meaningless. Increasingly, due to the modern life-support systems, the patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to make medical decisions. The proxies must collect all the relevant information and explore all the remaining medical options, possibly concluding that death would be the best course of action. For this person or former person. When the facts and options points to death as the best choice, then this death might be called a “merciful death”.

If an animal is in suffering we put them down. Because we don’t want to see them go through that.

We can’t let and animal suffer, so why do we let others suffer?...